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Gillyweed - 4ply Merino wool/ nylon superwash

Gillyweed - 4ply Merino wool/ nylon superwash

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Gillyweed - 4ply  Merino wool/ nylon superwash

Add a pop of color to your knitting projects with Gillyweed! This hand-dyed yarn features shades of soft teal, lilac, and pink gradients on one end, with generous sprinkles of various colors ranging from fluorescent pink to black. The result is a vibrant and interesting colorway that will make your projects stand out.

Made from 85% Superwash Extrafine Merino superfine (19.5 micron) and 15% Nylon, this 4 ply yarn is both soft and durable.

Please note that as a natural fiber product, Gillyweed may shed a little before its initial wash. However, the color is set with professional fiber reactive dyes, and any excess dye is washed off before packaging. There is a chance of some color bleeding during the first wash, so it is recommended to hand wash separately for the first few times. This may cause the colors to fade slightly, as with all fabrics washed for the first time.

Due to lighting, camera, and monitor/phone settings, the colors may vary slightly from the photos. However, we strive to make them appear as close to the real yarn colors as possible.

If you have any questions about the availability of the yarn, please feel free to contact us at before completing your purchase. Alternatively, we will contact you via email if we need to order more yarn for your purchase.

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Wool base 2
85% Superwash Extrafine Merino superfine (19.5 micron) 15% Nylon Yarn
4 ply 

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