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Inspired by Margot

Speckle Sie Deutsch? - Wool base

Speckle Sie Deutsch? - Wool base

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Speckle Sie Deutsch? - Wool base is a fun colourway with multiple colours sprinkled throughout, to give a colourful, yet delicate appearance. 

We use premium quality yarn bases, which have all undergone a strict softness and quality check before we list as a permanent yarn base. if you would like to know more about each base before you purchase, feel free to have a look at our "yarn base" section.

Base 1 - SOCK - 80% Australian virgin extra fine merino wool / 20% Nylon – Superwash

Base 2 - 4 ply - 85% Superwash Extrafine Merino superfine (19.5 micron) 15% Nylon

Base 2 - DK - 85% Superwash Extrafine Merino (19.5 micron) 15% Nylon

Base 3 - DK - 100% Extra fine merino - Machine washable

Base 4 - SOCK - 75% Superwash Extrafine Merino (19.5 micron) 15% Nylon 10% Silver Stellina Yarn (4/16Nm)

Base 5 - ARAN - 45% Kid Mohair / 45% Merino / 10% Mulberry Silk

Base 6 - ARAN - 100% Australian extra fine merino wool

Base 7 - CHUNKY - 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn

Base 8 - 4 ply - 60% Merino Wool / 10% Alpaca / 26% Nylon / and 4% Metallic

Base 9 - Aran/ Worsted - 85% Superwash Extrafine Merino 15% Nylon Yarn (19.5 Microns)

Some important information you should know:

Most of our yarns are listed as PRE-ORDER, as we are a small independent dyer. This means that all of our yarns are hand dyed in small batches. If we do not have the yarn you have ordered in stock, we like to allow 1-3 weeks maximum turnover, (postage times excl) which allows us time to order more yarn (if required) and hand dye the yarn from scratch. We aim to have the yarn dyed and shipped within a week; however, we will inform buyers if there is a delay. 

This is a natural fiber product and may shed a little before it's initial wash. It is hand dyed with professional fiber reactive dyes so the colour is set. Although every effort is made to wash any excess dye off the yarn, there is a chance that some colour will bleed when washing at first. It is recommended that you hand wash separately the first couple of times. If the colour does bleed slightly, it may cause the colours to fade slightly as with all fabric washed for the first time. 

Colours may vary slightly from the photos due to lighting, camera and monitor/ phone settings. We try our best to make them appear as close to the real yarn colours as possible.

Please feel welcome to contact us on if you wish to check on the availability of the yarn prior to completing your purchase, alternatively you will be contacted via email if we need to order more yarn for your purchase. 

For more information on our yarn bases, click here 

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